Dress Code and Courthouse Guidelines

Due to the dignity of Court proceedings, it is requested you wear business casual attire. The following are NOT permitted in the courtrooms: Hats, shorts, tank top, flip flops or beach attire. Please remember that you are entering a courthouse and that you may appear before a judge so please use good judgment. The courtrooms may be cold, so you may want to bring a sweater or jacket.

The Jury Assembly Room is wireless. You may bring your laptop, cell phone, or something to occupy your time while you are waiting. The nature of court proceedings requires a considerable amount of down time for jurors. Do not bring anything of value that you cannot keep under your control as you move about the courthouse. The Jury Assembly Room is kept open for jurors throughout the day.

You may NOT bring any type of gun (hand gun or rifle), potential weapon or explosive material, knives, forks, pepper spray, mace, aerosols, scissors, knitting needles, or any sharp pointed item.