Judge Assignment and Court Scheduling Print

Due to the recent events, I place the following notice in answer to general questions concerning the Fayette County Superior Court.

All criminal and civil cases filed in Superior Court are being assigned to the two current judges and the two previously sitting judges in a rotating manner until the vacant positions are filled.

The Fayette County Superior Court has been assigned two senior judges to fill the vacant positions until such time that Governor Perdue appoints new judges.

As it stands now, Senior Judge Grant Brantley will be overseeing all cases assigned to Judge English. Senior Judge Byron Smith will oversee all cases assigned to Judge Caldwell.

All hearing and trial dates as outlined on the Griffin Judicial Circuit Calendar will remain in effect. All judicial chambers will remain fully staffed and available to answer questions or schedule cases. Please see the Judicial Contacts under Local Notices on this site.

Any family violence action or other action which is seeking immediate injunctive relief, and any action that requires sanctions at the time of filing will be assigned to Judge Edwards or Judge Hankinson in a rotating manner.

As always, my staff is available to assist with any non-legal question you may have.